Mark Fackler

Vistage provided me the highest ROI of any investment I ever made.
During my time in the group, company revenues grew from $2.5 million to $50 million.

Mark Fackler

I understand the challenges CEOs face. Leadership in today’s world is more complex than ever. My passion to help leaders is stronger than ever. If you would like to work with me and a group of experienced CEOs, please contact me to see if Vistage is right for you.

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What CEOs are Saying About Mark

“What keeps me in Vistage is continuous inspiration, education, outside perspectives and motivation. Having exposure to CEOs with different backgrounds, educations, industry experiences and views on life are very valuable to me. I get to bounce ideas off of CEOs who are in the same shoes and are not judgmental. They understand the pressures and issues with being a CEO and they are there to help you. I also love the speakers who come to the meetings four to six times a year. The group Chair continuously offers guidance and provides motivation, but more importantly asks tough questions that nobody else asks.”


“I was initially drawn to this particular group because it is chaired by Mark Fackler, someone whom I respect immensely not only for his business acumen but also for his high degree of integrity. It is incredibly valuable to receive his ongoing input into the development and implementation of my company’s business strategies. My company’s results over the last four years, as well as my ability to successfully meet the demands of its growth, prove to me that joining Vistage was the best decision I could have made. I am committed to continuing my participation in Vistage because it has enabled me not only to grow my business but also to deepen my capacity to effectively address its unique strategic and management issues.”


“The value for me in Vistage is the people who challenge me and help me think outside the box. They give me clarity in purpose and action. They are there for me.”

CEO/Founder of an Accounting Company

“I own a hundred person engineering consulting firm. My Vistage group has helped me through many things, including the challenges of growth, the challenges of downsizing, and the challenges of getting the right people on the bus. It was amazing to me that people running very different organizations focused on very different marketplaces, in the end, face many of the same challenges: cash flow, hiring and keeping the right people, and building an effective sales organization. Mark Fackler provides a steadying hand, making sure we are moving along, providing insights from a totally different perspective, and making sure we are totally honest in our interactions.”


“People say that it is lonely at the top, but it doesn’t need to be if you are a Vistage member. I very much appreciate the support I am receiving from the group in these trying times.”


“I stay in Vistage because each month because I know I will walk out of the group meeting with a fresh perspective on my business and my life.”


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